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Extra Large Hairy Dogs


Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundlander, Great Pyrenees, St Bernard, Bouvier,
Irish Wolfhound, Rough Coated Collie, Black Russian Terrier

$180 - $250 & Up* Full Groom 

(includes a bath, blow-dry, a full body haircut -trimming any length, as well as ear cleaning, plucking (if required) and nail trim)

**Depending on coat condition and size

De-shedding Package Add-on - $40

De-shedding Shampoo with10 Min De-shed Conditioner, 20 min Extra Brushing

Furminator Package Plus Add-on - $60 

Furminator Shampoo with10 Min Conditioning, Extra Brushing & Nail Grinding

Spa Daycare Special add $20 (subject to space availability)

***Any dogs that come in with badly matted coats,
may be subject to an additional $20 - $60 de-matting fee***

***Any dog who needs to be muzzled without notification prior to groom will have an additional $40 bite fee***

All pricing is subject to HST

To book a an appointment, send an email to

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