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Dog Boarding and Behavioural Training in Ottawa, Kemptville, and Brockville 

Behaviour Modification Training for Healthy, Happy Dogs and Owners


Why Should You Invest in Dog Training Classes?

Your dog is your best friend. More than that, they’re part of your family.


When someone in your family is struggling, you pull out all the stops to get them the help they need.


Your dog is no different. You vowed from the minute you brought them home that you’d do everything in your power to set them up for success. But sometimes life gets in the way and you find yourself lacking the skills, patience, or time to help them reach their full potential.


That’s where force-free behavioural training comes in.


It’s the best way to enjoy the benefits of a well-trained dog and to learn the skills needed to grow and strengthen your bond.


By working with our certified trainer, your dog will learn to respect you and others. Our trainer will teach your dog to respond to basic commands such as sit, stay, and come. Training also improves their social skills by allowing them to interact with other people and dogs in a controlled, safe, and clean environment.

You Might Be Thinking “That’s Great, But Is There Anywhere to Get Professional Dog Training Near Me?”

If you live in Ottawa, Brockville, or Kemptville, you’re in luck! 

Nestled in the town of Mountain, ON is River Run Kennels: a safe and welcoming boarding and training facility. ​Our qualified, professional trainer, Kat, is booking well in advance, so make sure you reserve your spot now. It may look far on the map, but the short drive from Ottawa will be well worth it for you and your dog.

Meet the Trainer Running the Dog Obedience Classes

If you want a trainer who knows dogs, you need to meet Kat Kay.


From a young age, she was exposed to dogs. Her father bred huskies and from the time she could help feed them she was always interested; he couldn't keep her away. As she grew older, being around dogs turned into owning and training her own dogs, and that kicked off a lifelong passion for learning about training styles and methods.


Her interest in various training methods, dog behaviour, and the how’s and why’s of effective training will be the best thing for you and your dog. She has certifications in IAABC-ADT, APDT, IACP and CAPDT. Her use of R+ training means that your dog will be met with patience and care rather than fear-based methods to walk, train, play, and teach your pup.

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