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Behavioral Dog Training

Here at River Run Kennels, we not only take professional care of your dog during their stay with us, but we feel it's very important to assist you in offering behavioral training for those clients that may not have the time or patience to ensure their dog has a basic level of obedience training. Not only does obedience make a dog happier and more relaxed, but it also teaches the skills needed to build trust between your dog and you as its owner through clear communication. Obedience classes will teach your dog to respect you, as well as others. They should be able to respond to basic commands like sit, come, and stay. You also want them to be social. Training will help them learn to interact with other people and other dogs.  We have partnered with certified trainer, Kat Kay from Pawsitive Pawrents to offer a safe and clean environment, to spend the required time and patience for your dog's specific needs.

From a young age, Kat was always exposed to dogs - her father bred huskies and from the time she could help feed them she was always interested, he couldn't keep her away.  As she grew older, being around dogs turned into owning and training her own dogs, and that kicked off a lifelong passion for learning about training styles and methods. 

Kat has developed a great interest in learning as much as possible about various training styles, but also about dog behavior and how and why the training is effective.  Turning her interest into a career and education path, She has pursued her certification in IAABC-ADT, APDT, IACP and CAPDT. She is a balanced trainer who leans towards R+ training.
This means she doesn’t use fear-based methods to walk, train, play, and teach your pups.

Kat believes dog training is one of the best ways to bond with your pet. It increases and improves your connection with them, The time spent training your pets creates good habits. Dogs look to you for direction making training one of the most rewarding ways to build that trust and bond with your pet. Training your dog is also an important part of its development. It teaches the dog not only how to behave and listen to you, but also how to deal with or ignore events and commotion around them and provides them the tools to stay calm. Kat has been training dogs professionally since 2015, and in that time has worked with over 150 pets. She offers board and train packages, individual one-on-one training sessions, as well as day training for your dog.


She loves dogs of all types, sizes, and breeds and through this new partnership with River Run Kennels, we are excited to have her as part of the team and look forward to meeting and training your furry family member.

For more information on the training services we provide or to reach Kat directly, please email

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