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Boarding and Daycare

Dogs are social animals and we believe in providing opportunities for socialization and group play in a safe, rural setting. Guests enjoy all-inclusive dog boarding with leash-free play and nature walks. Read on to learn more about a typical day boarding with us. 

Morning Routine

Our day starts around 6:30 AM when all dogs are let out for a bathroom break. Breakfast starts at 7:00 AM and after a brief digest period, rotations into the play yard begin.  We are very mindful of the unique personalities, sizes and ages of the dogs that we group together for playtime. The exercise needs of each dog are unique, "playtime" can involve spending some time cuddling with an older dog, or for our more energetic dogs, some fetch. We'll also take walks through the nature trails for those that need a little bit of "one on one" time. 

During exercise time, the staff is busy cleaning where runs are swept, mopped and wiped down. Water is refilled as required.

Afternoon Routine

After a busy morning, the dogs enjoy some quiet time to relax and recharge before the afternoon exercise rotations begin. The dogs enjoy "playtime" through until dinner time at 5 PM.

​Dinner starts around 5:30 PM and the rest of the evening is spent tidying up blankets, refilling water. By 10 PM, all dogs have been well exercised, water refilled, blankets dry and available, and are ready for their final potty break before lights out.

Boarding Requirements

We require the following canine vaccinations:
- Rabies
- Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus (DHPP/DAPP)
- Bordetella (at owner's option)

Bordetella (commonly known as 'Kennel Cough') is an airborne upper respiratory infection similar to the common cold in humans. This vaccination should be administered at least 72 hours prior to arrival. There are numerous strains of this disease and due to its airborne qualities, even the most current vaccination does not 100% protect your pet against them all.  Therefore we understand and appreciate pet owner's concerns regarding this vaccine and suggest this only as a preventative measure but NOT a strict requirement; you assume the responsibility for your pet whether they are vaccinated or not. 

River Run staff evaluate the health of all our guests upon arrival and make every effort to protect the health of your pet by going above industry standards to ensure our guests leave as happy as we are to care for them.

Veterinary certificates will be required upon arrival.  In order to maintain the overall health and safety of all our guests, we will be unable to provide accommodations without proof of vaccinations. To help prevent any gastrointestinal issues, please bring your pet's own food, preferably in a sealable container. Have questions? Visit our FAQ page for more info. 

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